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'Cluttering - A Clinical Perspective', edited by Florence L. Myers and Kenneth O. St Louis

Jan Logan | 01.09.1996

Book reviewed by Jan Logan, Speech and Language Therapist.

Cover or 'Cluttering - a clinical perspective'When asked to review this book I initially hesitated, wondering whether someone other than myself, with more specific knowledge and experience regarding cluttering, would be more appropriate. However, on reflection, I decided to review it, not from the point of view of the expert but rather as a therapist eager to learn more about this complex disorder. As such, I am part of the readership this volume is intended for. It stimulated my interest and I found it extremely useful and enlightening ad feel that it will indeed be of interest to clinicians and speech and language therapy students, as well as those in allied educational professions.

In response to what the editors considered to be an "oft neglected area of study" they have brought together contributions from a range of specialists in the field of dysfluency to compile a book devoted exclusively to cluttering. Whilst not professing to provide `the answer' or a "conclusive set of statements about cluttering" they attempt to raise and clarify many of the current issues and controversies surrounding cluttering and by doing so stimulate further thought and identify possible areas fir useful research. They also set out to propose some principles and guidelines for assessment and management.

To these ends, the book largely succeeds. Each chapter explores cluttering from a different perspective. Issues explored include: controversies; professional awareness of cluttering; its relation to stuttering and language-learning difficulty; definition and diagnosis as well as suggestions for assessment and management.

What this book offers us is a clearly laid out and accessible summary of most of the information currently available about this disorder. It provides a framework for understanding cluttering and a way forward, both in terms of our practice as well as research. I think it will be a useful aide and resource.

Book published by Far Communications Ltd, 1992

From the Autumn 1996 issue of 'Speaking Out'.