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Gareth Cowlin | 12.12.2017

Gareth Cowlin cartoon of selfGareth Cowlin's take on living with a stammer, in cartoons.

Gareth teaches on a Cartoon and Comic Arts degree at Staffordshire University. Follow him on twitter @garethcowlin.

You can read about interiorised (or 'hidden') stammering in our Interiorised stammering leaflet, and under our 'Interiorised stammering' tag.

Cartoon by @garethcowlin, no.1


Cartoon by @garethcowlin, no.2


Cartoon by @garethcowlin, no.3


Cartoon by @garethcowlin, no.4


Cartoon by @garethcowlin, no.5


Cartoon by @garethcowlin, no.6


Cartoon by @garethcowlin, no.7

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