Defence Stammering Network - 3 years of success

| 24.07.2018

The Defence Stammering Network (DSN) held a 3-year celebration in the beautiful setting of the River Room, House of Lords. 

This event on 10th July 2018 was intended to highlight the good work that the DSN has done in raising awareness and supporting members of Defence, since its launch in July 2015. The Network was officially launched on 14 July 2015 to support civilian and military employees of UK Defence.

The DSN welcomed over 70 guests at the celebration event. These included Chief of Defence People Lt Gen Nugee CVO CBE, Army Sgt Maj Glenn Haughton OBE, new CEO of the British Stammering Association Jane Powell, and CEO of Action for Stammering Children Phil Pyatt to name a few.

The Lord Speaker, Lord Fowler, opened the event by welcoming all guests and congratulating the DSN on its success over the past 3 years, since it launched in the very same room. 

Next to speak was The Baroness Whitaker, a patron of British Stammering Association. Lady Whitaker’s speech demonstrated that stammering hasn’t proven a barrier to playing an active role in the House of Lords, and spoke about her stammer openly and honestly. 

This was followed by the newly appointed DSN champion, Brigadier James Woodham CBE MC, who gave a highly inspiring speech highlighting the effect DSN has had in Defence. Next up was Iain Wilkie, Co-Chair of the Employers Stammering Network. Iain spoke about the ESN/DSN relationship and highlighted that the DSN are one of the largest, most active and influential members of the ESN. 

Captain Jimmy Lang MBE spoke about the success of DSN, which has seen stammering being recognised in defence policy

Captain Jimmy Lang MBE was next to speak and spoke about the success of the network which has seen stammering being recognised in defence policy, and its members self-fundraising to pay for 11 DSN members to attend the Starfish project. Although it was a celebration, Jimmy also spoke truthfully about the challenges the DSN are facing and the future of the network. Although the DSN has done so much, it has only chipped the tip of the iceberg.

You can watch the Forces TV Documentary ‘My war with words’ to find out more about the network. Also keep an eye out for a second documentary being broadcast on Forces TV for the first time at 2130 hrs on 8th Aug 2018.

If you are a military or civilian member of UK defence and you stammer, the DSN would love to hear from you. You can contact them by email on:
DSN also have platforms on Twitter @UKDSN and Facebook: