DHL stammering awareness posters

| 21.06.2016

DHL poster: Steve MosesDHL, the global logistics company, has now produced posters to raise awareness of its Stammering Network.

Featuring Steve Moses and Steve Barker, these It's OK to stammer posters are based on a format developed pro bono by global advertising firm Ogilvy and Mather for the Employers Stammering Network (ESN). The ESN helps create a culture where people who stammer can achieve their full career potential, and is the first network of its kind in the world. The format has also been used for posters with accountancy firm EY.

Members of the DHL Stammering Network used the posters at events for the company's Diversity Week in early June, after which the following article went round DHL's UK business:

'Stammering awareness during Diversity Week

​​Stammering affects around 1% of the adult population, and with a workforce of over 40,000 people, that means around 400 of our colleagues may speak with a stammer. Stammering varies from person to person, so you may not even know your co-worker has one.

DHL poster: Steve Barker

That’s why members of the DHL Stammering Network (DSN), Steve Moses, Steve Barker and Richard Turner, took the opportunity to raise awareness at a number of Diversity events being held at sites across the UKI region last week. Through presentations and market stalls, the DSN helped colleagues to understand more about stammering, and what it’s like to work with someone who stammers.

On behalf of network, Steve, Stephen and Richard would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to the site managers and HR teams that invited them to their Diversity events*. If you’d like to raise awareness of stammering at your site, the network has produced some It's OK to Stammer posters which can be downloaded and printed. Alternatively if you’d like a member of the network to visit your team, or you’d just like to know more then get in touch with Steve M, Steve B or Richard.

The DHL Stammering Network now has six active members and with the support of the business is promoting an environment where "it's ok to stammer". People are genuinely interested in this often misunderstood subject and we now have senior sponsorship to help us develop the network further.'