'Employable me' TV opportunity

| 14.06.2016

Are you interested in taking part in a TV programme which helps people into work?

Optomen. Do you have a stammer and struggle to find a job? BBC's 'Employable Me' is looking for people that stammer who struggle to find employment and would like help to find work. This series looks at the science behind a broad range of disabilities and conditions, discovers skills and talents in new areas, and looks at how the right employers and suitable workplaces can change our workforce and make it more inclusive to those with disabilities. If this sounds like you or someone you know please get in touch with Anabelle on / 0203 227 5888.A second series of 'Employable me' is being developed for the BBC. The first series featured people with neurological conditions. In this second series they are looking to include people with a broader range of disabilities and conditions who struggle to find work, including stammering.

The idea is to look the strengths and skills the individual has developed and what they can do, find employment and areas they might thrive in and how this could be an asset to an employer. It aims to be a very positive and beneficial experience for all involved in the series, and hopefully to change the way employers think and work within recruitment and beyond.

If you are interested, please contact Annabelle on , tel 0203 227 5888. You can see Optomen's flyer above.