An evening to tweet about!

Norbert Lieckfeldt | 18.10.2016

October 17th saw an event by the Stammering Network at Speaker's House, The House of Commons, raising awareness of the fact that stammering therapy changes lives - and that it is becoming an endangered category in a cash-strapped NHS. We have had amazing speeches by the Rt Hon John Bercow MP, Speaker of the House who was our host, BSA patron Ed Balls as well as George Freeman MP, Chair of the Prime Minister's Policy Board and himself a person who stammers and father of a stammering child.

The Stammering Network is a coalition of organisations advocating better support for children and adults who stammer: Action for Stammering Children, the British Stammering Association, City Lit Speech Therapy, the Clinical Excellent Network for SLTs with a special interest in stammering, the Employers Stammering Network, the Michael Palin Centre for Stammering Children and the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists.

The stars of the evening were young Olly (who also sang to us!) and Joe, Amanda and Walter with their very personal, authentic and courageous testimonies how therapy had transformed their lives.

Here's a selection of tweets from the evening:

George Freeman MP tweeted


Philip Rutnam, Permanent Secretary at the Department of Transport and Civil Service Disability Champion:


Here's Sam from Intandem


And Anita and David from the London Leadership Strategy with a message to schools:


as is Kim Johnson, President of the National Association of Head Teachers


Olly was the one of the stars of the evening


and he also sang to us!

and his mum said:

the ASC's Youth Panel were represented


while the Yorkshire contingent of specialist speech and language therapists were out in force


And finally: