Facebook group for young adults

| 15.09.2014

There is now a group for young people aged 18-30, ‘The Young British Stammering Association Group’ (YBSA), on Facebook

'Young British Stammering Association' Facebook groupFounder Hayley Rawlings decided to set it up after attending the European League of Stuttering Association’s Youth Meeting in 2014.

She says, "The YBSA aims to offer advice and encouragement to individuals who face the same daily struggles. We also aim to bring people together to talk, relate and share experiences. Running by our belief  'you are not alone', we hope to work together to raise awareness of stammering and provide the safe haven many young adults need. Please get involved and make any suggestions for how we can further this group."

It is a ‘closed’ group, meaning that other Facebook friends won’t see comments or posts made. To join, go to .

If you don’t fall into the 18-30 age group but would still like to be part of a forum to talk about stammering, join the regular BSA Facebook group.