Fundraising in the Falklands

Sgt Emmanuel Ottih MBE | 21.07.2017

On 5 May 2017 around 70 military personnel in the Falklands from across all three services took part in a charity event called The Big 15.

The event consisted of a 15km run whilst carrying 15kg. Sgt Ottih (6 Regiment Royal Logistics Corps) organised the event and explained: “The 15kg symbolises the burden people with a stammer carry in their mind daily when they want to communicate.”

The 15kg symbolises the burden people with a stammer carry in their mind daily when they want to communicate.

Sgt Ottih, one of the co-Founders of the Defence Stammering Network (DSN), is a passionate campaigner for stammering awareness and wanted to do something to further the cause whilst deployed in the Falklands. The turnout and support was very impressive with not only 70 military personnel taking part in the event, but also over 30 Children from Mount Pleasant School braving the weather to  join the participants for the final 300 metres.

“The Event was a huge success and all the participants were excited to be part of this course despite the unfriendly weather conditions,” said Sgt Ottih.

The successful event raised £700 which was split equally between the British Stammering Association and the Defence Stammering Network.