Helpline volunteers wanted

| 26.04.2019

Would you like to join our helpline team and work from home?

The BSA Helpline is a vital source of information, support and guidance for people who stammer, worried parents, partners, friends, teachers, health professionals and employers.

Each year we receive roughly 1,500 calls about everything from how to access therapy to employment rights and making a speech, or from people who just want a listening ear.

With the launch of our upcoming Stamma campaign, we anticipate an increased demand for our services, so we're looking for people to join our helpline team.

There'll be an online training period (up to six sessions), which you can do from home, where we’ll teach you listening and responding skills. After that you can start taking calls.

Helpline shifts

The helpline will be open from 10am to 12 noon and from 6pm to 8pm, Mondays to Fridays, so we're looking for people who are available at any of these times.

For the 10am to 12 noon shift you'd have the option to work from either our office in London or from home, and for the evening shift you'd be working from home. At all times there'll be a BSA staff member to support you.

If you're worried about applying because you stammer yourself, don't be - most of our volunteers have a stammer. Equally, you don't have to stammer to apply.

For more information please contact Lee at the BSA on