House of Lords reception - BSA education resources

Norbert Lieckfeldt | 18.07.2017

A House of Lords event on 11th July celebrated BSA’s work in supporting children who stammer in education (and 20 years of Cherry Hughes as BSA’s education officer!).

We’re very grateful to our Patron Baroness Whitaker for hosting the reception. She introduced proceedings by talking about her own experience as a person who stammers, for example having to address the United Nations which led her to seek help from a speech therapist, Renee Byrne.

We were then very pleased to have Kharis (aged 11) rehearsing the presentation she'd planned for her school assembly at this rather prestigious venue – she did really well! I’d never have done that when I was her age, not in a million years. Kharis has had excellent support from speech therapists when she needed it all through her life and as a result she’s thriving at school.

Finally, Cherry highlighted the new requirements under the recent Special Educational Needs Code of Practice – it demands a culture change so that school staff and teachers start out from where the child is, and put the child and their view of the world in the centre of their support plans. Cherry’s most recent minisite addresses this issue; she’s also created for staff in early years settings, and with information for parents on how they can secure the best possible support for their child from schools.

Norbert Lieckfeldt, BSA Chief Executive