Int. Stammering Awareness Day Events 2018

Gillian Rudd | 04.09.2018

BSA Trustee Gillian Rudd tells us what's happening to mark this year's International Stammering Awareness Day and how you can get involved. 

International Stammering Awareness Day (ISAD) takes place on 22nd October every year, with stammering associations, individuals and groups around the world organising events to mark the day. It is a great opportunity to raise awareness and increase understanding of stammering, as well as connect with others locally, nationally and worldwide. Here are details of events that are taking place.

ISAD Online Conference

The 2018 ISAD Online Conference is free to all and takes place from 1st to 22nd October. Run by the International Stuttering Association, the theme this year is ‘Speak your mind’. It will include a wide range of papers - stories and experiences of stammering by people who stammer, research, therapy and support, and creative expression. Up to 22nd October you can comment and ask questions about the papers (after the 22nd you can still view the content but won't be able to add comments).

You can visit and take part in the conference at There will be a ‘Talk to a professional’ section where you can ask questions about stammering:

Use ISAD to talk about stammering

Talking about stammering is how we can all improve the lives of people who stammer. ISAD is a great opportunity to talk to the general public about stammering. Only by talking openly about stammering will we gradually remove the stigma and misunderstanding surrounding it. And there’s an additional benefit to us as well: talking about it is therapeutic in its own right!

Everyone’s experience of stammering is unique to them, and so it is important for as many people’s stories to be heard as possible. Your journey, your views, your ideas are important. So how could you share your thoughts and what might this look like? Who could you talk to? Here are some ideas and links to some great examples of awareness-raising that people have been involved with previously:

Use our posters

Could you put a poster up on a shared noticeboard, in a staff room or a local community centre? You could make your own, or we have some great options to choose from below:

Our Talking about Stammering poster can be downloaded as a pdf to print out, or the jpg images could be used for social media (new profile picture, anyone?) The hashtag for social media is #ISAD2018. Many thanks again to Ogilvy & Mather for their pro bono work in designing the poster.
- pdf poster - to print (4.88MB)
- jpg image, portrait - for social media
- jpg image, landscape - for social media.

Our ‘Stammering can feel quite like… online buffering’ social media cover pictures featuring Musharaf from Educating Yorkshire (see below) and King George VI are another great option - you can download these here.


Attend an event

A family craft workshop event. Saturday 13th October, 10am-1pm. Craft activities including featuring mask making, modelling, collages and face painting, as well as a workshop titled 'What is seen as perfection?' For more details, go to

Unspoken - A new play about stammering. Wednesday 17th October 2018, 4pm-6.30pm. A screening of one man's journey to live openly with his stammer - with the opportunity to ask the cast questions and information available about services. For more details, go to

London (City Lit)
When I Stutter - UK Premiere of an award-winning film about stammering. Saturday 20th October 2018 3pm and 7pm. This film has won multiple awards, among them ‘Best Documentary’ at the Lisbon Film Festival, 2017 and ‘Audience Award’ at the Awareness Film Fest, 2017. For more details, go to

A series of short talks showcasing the work and stories of people who stammer. Monday 22nd October 2018 5.30pm-7.30pm. For more details, go to

Are you celebrating ISAD in your local area? Let us know about your event by emailing and we’ll add it to the list!