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The monster in my mouth

Gordon McConnell | 01.12.2013

Gordon MrConnellBy Gordon McConnell

It makes me so weak
My inside cries tears and more
The inward pain can't be explained
There's no key to open that door

It is such a monster
Holding a tight grip
As my mouth is in a prison
The sentence is a lifeless trip

Nothing can be done
Causing such heartache
As the fear that holds you
Your tongue can't even brake

The monster in my mouth
Creates words struggling to come
A deep inward battle
Makes oneself feel so dumb

On occasions the body shakes
Feeling disheartened and frustrated
But when a word does flow
Making you feel really elated

But these times are few
The monster always makes you stammer
Puts your mouth in its prison
Shuts you up in its slammer

From Speaking Out Winter 2013, p21