Natwest advert withdrawn

| 21.06.2018

BSA member Naheem Bashir showed that complaining can make a difference when he tweeted about an insensitive advert.

Naheem noticed an advert near Kings Cross in London saying 'Making sure your start-up doesn't stutter'. He tweeted about it tagging @NatWest_Help asking views of people who stammer, which were negative.

The next day NatWest tweeted back 'Following your feedback yesterday, we wanted to let you know that our Advertising team are currently amending the digital billboards and the print billboards will change soon too'.

A week later the digital advert had changed.

Naheem is a PhD student at University College London, whose research explores the brain basis of stammering, and using brain stimulation to reduce levels of stammering. Naheem also co-runs the London stammering self-help group. He tweets at @NaheemBashir.