New in the BSA library

Allan Tyrer | 16.06.2015

These are books and CDs recently added to our members' library. But do browse the library to look at our full range of books and DVDs.

For children who stammer

  • Book: THE FIVE OF US, by Quentin Blake. This book for children aged 4-11 tells the story of The Fantastic Five. One of them, Eric, has a stammer, though this is never referred to directly. But he helps decisively when Eddie, the adult who drives their van, becomes ill. Review.
  • Book: THINK POSITIVE FOR KIDS: 101 stories about good decisions, self-esteem, and positive thinking. Ed. Kevin Sorbo & Amy Newmark. This book, written generally for children to show them how positive thinking can help them, has an excellent chapter by Jody Fuller on how he dealt with his stammer as a boy by accepting it and celebrating its uniqueness. But it took time to happen! Chicken Soup for the Soul 2013.

For adults who stammer

  • Book: BEYOND STUTTERING: the McGuire programme for getting good at the sport of speaking. By Dave McGuire. Revised and updated version of Beyond Stammering which outlines McGuire's approach to stammering, dealing with the fear of speaking as well as developing an assertive approach to controlling the stammer. Souvenir Press 2014. Reviews of previous editions. (See also McGuire programme)
  • Book: FROM LEMONS TO LEMONADE: 101 positive and powerful stories about making the best of a bad situation. By Jack Canfield et al. This general book, written for anyone who has any sort of personal challenge to overcome, has a useful chapter by the American Jody Fuller on how he has coped with a lifetime of stammering. Chicken Soup for the Soul, 2013.

For professionals

Note these are all older books, from the 1980's or 60's.

  • Book: STUTTERING DISORDERS, ed, William H Perkins. A selection of articles on therapies based on the approach that apprehensions and fears are the consequence and not the cause of the stammer, and directed towards facilitating fluency rather than counselling and psycho-therapeutic objectives. Thieme-Stratton, Inc., 1984
  • Book: RESEACH AND EXPERIMENT IN STUTTERING, by H.R. Beech and Fay Fransella. 'A thoughtful, authoritative and comprehensive survey of research and experiment in the field of stuttering up to the present day [1968]'. Pergamon Press, 1971.Book:
  • Book: PROGRAMMED THERAPY FOR STUTTERING IN CHILDREN AND ADULTS, by Bruce P Ryan. This book aims at helping the reader understand how to understand and conduct speech therapy for people who stutter. Programme design technique and evaluation procedures are discussed in detail resulting in a programmed operant approach to speech therapy. Charles C. Thomas, 1980
  • Book: CLUTTERING, by Deso A Weiss. This was the first (1964) cmprehensive account of cluttering as a condition separate from, but related to stammering. It contains a detailed account of its diagnosis, therapy and prognosis. Prentice-Hall, 1964.
  • Book: STUTTER-FREE SPEECH: A GOAL FOR THERAPY, by George Hames & Cheri L Florance. The authors (acknowledging the concept of a 'cure' is contentious) maintain that it is nevertheless possible to achieve stutter-free speech. They present the theoretical underpinnings of their therapy, its phases, and practical considerations for its use. Charles E. Merrill, 1980
  • Book: TREATMENT OF STUTTERING IN EARLY CHILDHOOD: METHODS AND ISSUES, by David Prins & Roger J Ingham.This book consists of 6 chapters by various authors with special emphasis on current (1983) behavioural treatments and evaluation as a basis for intervention. College-Hill Press, 1983