New in the BSA members' library (2014)

| 15.09.2014

The BSA members library is open to BSA members in the UK, and to UK qualified speech and language therapists.

This page lists new additions to the library. Please go to the library pages to look at our library stock generally.

The library includes books and DVDs about stammering, self-help, novels and biographies, books and DVDs for children and parents, and a section for speech and language therapy professionals.

Our volunteer librarian John Ford introduces the library in the video on the right.

New additions to the library

General books and DVDs

Book: STAMMERING THERAPY FROM THE INSIDE: new perspectives on working with young people and adults, ed Carolyn Cheasman et. al, 2013. Produced by therapists at City Lit, this book offers a comprehensive overview of a range of contemporary stammering therapy approaches. Most chapters are co-authored by therapists and people who stammer. Book review.

Book: NO MIRACLE CURES: A MULTIFACTORAL GUIDE TO STUTTERING THERAPY by Thomas David Kehoe. , University College Press, 2011. This new edition outlines three eras of stuttering therapy in the USA, beginning in 1927. It says all three types of therapy are needed to successfully treat stuttering. The book aims to unconfuse consumers, and so to enable better decisions regarding treatment.

DVD: STOTTERS, Joke Nyssen. Sophimages, n.d. This remarkable film, by the stammerer's sister, and made from 150 hours of footage filmed over 2 years,shows how someone with a severe stammer learns to gain control and gain a place in society. In Dutch with English subtitles.

Book: THE POACHERS LAWYER, Hunter Adair. Chancery House Press. This book, by a writer who has written about his stammering experiences in the past, is about the law of the countryside, The writer gives many examples from court cases as to how it is applied. See also Hunter's books on this website My Silent Pause about his life with a stammer, and Some Wildlife Secrets.

For children/parents

Book: NICKLUS, Wicke, Ed.  Blacknblue Press, 2004. Nicklus is a boy with a stammer. He teams up with a cat he meets in the park to scupper the plans of Lady Emmeline to kill every cat in London. This excellently written book is suitable for some adults as well as many children.

Book: CAN I TELL YOU ABOUT STAMMERING? A guide for friends, family and professionals. By Sue Cottrell. Jessica Kingsley, 2013. This illustrated book is supposedly written by Harry, a 7-year-old boy who stammers. It is a good short introduction for children aged 7 and up, parents, family and friends to the problems of stammering. Book review.

Book: WHO-WHO-WHO GOES HOO-HOO-HOO? By Peter Scheider & Gisela Schartmann. Speechmark Publishing, 2012. This children's book tells the story of a hedgehog who stammers. He feels lonely till he meets a mouse who stammers and together they save the forest animals from a dangerous monster. For young stammering children and their friends.

Book: STEGGIE'S STAMMER, by Jack Hughes. Publisher Wayland, 2012. Written for children, this book describes how Steggie, a little femaile diinosaur with a stammer, rescues her friends when they all get lost in the Dark Forest. Good illustrations by the author.

Mainly for professionals

DVD: CLUTTERING: Myers, Florence & St. Louis, Kenneth. Stuttering Foundation of America, 2012. "This DVD features people who clutter and clearly illustrates the essence of cluttering as well as the problems that often accompany it."

Book: MULTILINGUAL ASPECTS OF FLUENCY DISORDERS, Howell, Peter & Van Borsel, John. Multilingual Matters, 2011. Provides a comprehensive coverage of the multilingual aspects of fluency disorders. The book reviews how formal language properties affect stammering in English, and then compares these findings to work on stammering in a variety of languages.

Book: TEMPERAMENTAL CHARACTERISTICS OF CHILDREN WITH DEVELOPMENTAL STUTTERING, Eggers, Kurt  Publisher Tilburg University, 2012. This book is a university thesis aimed at gaining an in depth insight into the relation between temperament and developmental stammering.