New Civil Service group on Facebook

| 29.03.2016

Are you a civil servant who stammers? Join up to the special closed Facebook group.

Civil Service Stammering NetworkIn autumn last year the Civil Service became a member of the Employers Stammering Network. The ESN helps create a culture where people who stammer can achieve their full career potential, and is the first network of its kind in the world.

Following on from this, a closed Facebook page has now been set up to bring together a fledgling cross-government network space for people who stammer. It's only for current civil servants (people who stammer or supporters as long as they participate in a positive and inclusive way).

It is a closed group, so those outside the group (including Facebook friends) cannot see your posts to the group.

If you would like to sign up, you need to request to join the Facebook group at , and also send an email from your work email address (which must have a ending) to Betony[DOT]Kelly[AT]

Betony Kelly, Group Head of Engagement at the Department for Business Innovations & Skills writes:

“Civil Servants have jobs which make a difference to people’s lives across the UK. And some of us stammer too. But stammering can be a lonely business. Many people try to keep their dysfluency secret or hidden because they worry about how others will perceive them. This can make them feel isolated. It’s hard to ask for support when you’re not sure that others will give you fair and equal treatment.

Our group is designed to create a space where Civil Servants can come together to share advice and experiences to help make stammering understood and supported in the Civil Service. We’d love to hear from anyone who is a current Civil Servant – please help us make a group that makes a difference to you.”