New DVDs in BSA library

BSA | 27.10.2015

DVDs in BSA libraryThe BSA library is open to BSA members in the UK, and to UK qualified speech and language therapists.

The DVDs below have just been added to our library. For our full stock of books, DVDs etc, go to BSA members library.

For parents

Added under DVDs for parents:

  • DVD: SEVEN TIPS FOR TALKING WITH THE CHILD WHO STUTTERS, Stuttering Foundation, 2014. 'This DVD features some of the world's leading hands-on therapists offering practical strategies parents can use at home to support their young child's communication skills and build confidence.' You can also watch it online at
  • DVD: KIDS WHO STUTTER: PARENTS SPEAK, Stuttering Foundation 2014. 'In this 16-minute DVD, parents of children who stutter join a group of speech and language therapists to talk compassionately and directly about what has worked for them as they interact with their child.' You can also watch it online at

For therapists, or adults who stammer

Added under SLT videos (DVDs): Adults:

  • DVD: AVOIDANCE REDUCTION THERAPY IN A GROUP SETTING, Vivian Sisskin. In this 2-hour DVD, Vivian Siskin 'walks clinicians through methods of group therapy while providing the nuts and bolts of Avoidance Reduction Therapy'. As well as a tutorial for SLTs, the DVD can serve as a self-primer for people who stammer.

For therapists

Added under SLT videos (DVDs): Children and young people:

  • DVD: HELPING CHILDREN CHANGE THOUGHTS & FEELINGS ABOUT COMMUNICATION, with Vivian Sisskin. Stuttering Foundation 2014. In this 2 hours 55 minute DVD, clinicain Vivian Siskin presents a multi-dimensional approach to help children address the thoughts and feelings that sometimes co-exist with stuttering.
  • DVD: EVIDENCE-BASED PRACTICE AND PRACTICE-BASED EVIDENCE: CLOSING THE GAP, Nan Ratner. In this 62-minute DVD, Dr Ratner suggests that there is no single best approach to the treatment of a particular type of client, and that we need to search out and integrate many sources of evidence in our treatment. Stuttering Foundation, 2012.
  • DVD: STUTTERING 101, Barry Guitar. This 71-minute DVD is a tool for clinicians who work with the school-age child who stutters. It includes stuttering modification and fluency shaping and key concepts associated with them. Stuttering Foundation, 2011. The child who stutters: Practical ideas for the school clinician series.
  • DVD: COUNSELING THE PARENTS OF CHILDREN WHO STUTTER, Patricia Zebrowski. This DVD covers very widely the emotional problems that parents of children who stammer often have to face. Stuttering Foundation, 2008.