New UK therapy option for adults - volunteers needed

Birmingham City University | 29.09.2015

Student delivered Camperdown Program and online Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for adults who stammer: a Phase 1 trial

The Speech and Language Therapy (SLT) Team at Birmingham City University (BCU) are looking for volunteers to take part in a research study to test the use of the Camperdown Program (CP) and Online Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) as a treatment for adults who stammer in the UK. Volunteers will be seen for weekly CP therapy by BCU student SLTs under the care of Helen Jenkins and Gillian Rudd (Specialist SLTs).

CP is a treatment widely used in Australia which teaches a way to speak without stammering. It helps adults who stammer to help themselves and to find a level of fluent and natural speech that works best for them. An online CBT program will also be offered to volunteers, as part of the study, to help with any speech related anxiety.

If you are aged 18 years and over, have not had speech and language therapy for stammering or anxiety treatment from a psychologist/counsellor during the last 6 months and wish to get involved, please contact Helen & Gillian: for more details. All contact with the team will be kept confidential.

Flyer (pdf)

Updated: September 2015