Next Generation Text Relay

Allan Tyrer | 28.11.2014

BT recently launched their new Next Generation Text Relay, allowing people the option of typing instead of speaking on the telephone.

Mobile device showing text conversationOfcom have written to BSA, saying "the BSA’s then Chair, Leys Geddes, met with Ofcom at an early stage of this project and urged us to implement access to the text relay service on mainstream equipment such as smartphones, tablets and PCs rather than (or as well as) textphones. You will be pleased to know that this is exactly what we did." See

Details of the service are at . It includes a 'type and hear' option which could be used by a person who stammers, if they decide this is something they want.

The service can also be used for emergency calls. For these, however, an alternative is to register with the (separate) emergencySMS service so as to be able to send a text: .

People who stammer may find that speaking on the phone gets easier with practice if they keep using it, even if they still stammer (see our Telephone page). However, some may welcome the text relay service as an option for certain calls, particularly when speech is very dysfluent.

BSA member Christine Simpson also played an important role in the project, attending a consultation session with Ofcom.