Northern Stammerhouse is born

shalliday | 14.05.2019

Introducing the exciting new initiative for the north of England, from the organisers of several support groups.

Our national conference has always been a place where people who stammer come together and kick ideas around.

Last year's event in Cardiff was no exception, with organisers of several support groups meeting to talk about possible links. Out of that momentous gathering, which was something akin to that scene in The Godfather where all the heads of families converge (minus the criminality of course), or the Northmen rallying to Winterfell's cause in Game of Thrones, the Northern Stammerhouse was born.

Building links

Max Gattie, founder of the Manchester Stammering Support Group and co-founder of Northern Stammerhouse, says, "The idea is to link up the local support groups in the north which are near one other. We've got a handful around here: in Liverpool, Warrington, Manchester and Doncaster, which is reasonably close too." (The Doncaster group is of course, co-run by conference hero Bob Adams.)

Max continues, "At the moment, there isn't much interaction between groups, and what interaction there is tends to be informal. We want to pool our resources, ideas, energies and enthusiasm to make a collective effort to help and support people who stammer in the region. The Stammerhouse aims to build links, so that the groups can support each other (and more groups can be formed), while retaining the autonomy of individual groupsIt also aims to keep things fun and spontaneous."

Launch event in June

The Northern Stammerhouse has just announced its official launch, with an event on Saturday 15th June in Manchester, and everyone's invited. For more details, go to