People who stammer needed for paid research at UCL

UCL | 07.04.2015

UCL write: The speech communication lab at UCL's Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience is looking for people who stammer to take part in a study on synchronised speech (also known as choral speech), which can be used as a fluency-enhancing technique. We're interested in why it improves fluency for some people but not for others.

We'd like you to come for a behavioural test, where we evaluate the effect it has on your speech, and then we'll invite you back for a follow-up where we'll scan your brain using fMRI.

We'll pay volunteers for their time and can also refund travel expenses.

To take part in this study you must:

  • have a stammer
  • be right handed
  • speak English as your native language.

To sign up or find out more, follow this link: or contact