Podcast: Erin's story

| 23.11.2018

If you're looking for a podcast to liven up your daily commute this dreary November, check out this edition of 'Terrible, Thanks For Asking', in which Erin Williams describes living with a stammer.

Listen or download by clicking here.

Host Nora McInerny opens the US-based podcast by taking us back to Erin's childhood, just as she's about to take to the stage as Auntie Em in a school production of The Wizard of Oz. Eagerly awaiting the curtain to go up, Erin, good friend of the BSA, then hears something from a co-star (and supposed best friend) that she definitely does not want to hear...

Have a listen as Erin shares stories about growing up with a stammer (or stutter, as they say over there) and the everyday obstacles she now faces.

She talks candidly about the effect stammering has had on her mental health and how isolating it can be, but how attending her first national conference was a revelatory experience (Erin has since crossed the pond and attended, and even presented at, several BSA conferences).

Another great thing about the podcast is how the host, Nora McInerny, explores her own past responses to people who stammer, and puts them into question.

You can listen to or download Erin's edition of 'Terrible, Thanks For Asking', by apm podcasts, at

A word of warning: the podcast includes a couple of instances of bad language, so caution is advised.