Poem by Theo

| 07.06.2018

Theo, who is 14, is someone who stammers. When asked by his English teacher to write a poem about something he cares about, this is what he wrote:


I’m next to compete in the long jump, all eyes are on me
My brain has total control of my limbs
I have confidence in my ability to perform
You ask me a question, all eyes are on me
My brain has varied control of my speech
I have doubt in my ability to talk
In my head it’s fluent, ordered and prepared
In my head I have rehearsed it three times over
But the connection gets blocked, broken, stalled
The words stammer, stutter, repeat
The words get stuck in my mouth
I realise you’re embarrassed, you don’t know what to do
But don’t judge me by my stammer
Just wait and listen to what I have to say.