Research notice: Experiences of stammering during adolescence

| 23.02.2015

Participants aged 18-25 years old are needed to help improve understanding of the experiences of stammering during adolescence.

Jennifer Roche writes:

"There is a lack of research that looks at the experiences of stammering during adolescence. This is problematic given that adolescence can be a difficult time even without the challenges that having a stammer may bring. This research intends to ask young adults to share their experience of having a stammer as an adolescent."

The researcher is a Speech and Language Therapist, carrying out this work as part of a Master’s qualification, and is supervised by Dr Maria Flynn, Department of Health Sciences, University of Liverpool.

What does taking part involve?

If you decide to take part you will be invited to meet with the researcher for an informal interview that will last approximately one hour. During this meeting you will be asked about your experience of stammering during adolescence. The interview can take place in a location near to your home which is convenient to you.

What are the benefits to taking part?

Although you may not benefit personally from the interviews, by communicating your experience of stammering, it is hoped that the research may inform the development of better/more appropriate services for adolescents who stammer. Unfortunately we are unable to offer payment for taking part.

How do I take part?

For further information please contact the researcher, Jennifer Roche (Trainee Master of Research): Email:

Ethical Issues

If you decide to take part, you can withdraw at any point, without giving a reason and without any disadvantage to you. This study has been approved by the Institute of Psychology, Health and Society Research Ethics Committee.