Running for BSA

lmillam | 16.07.2015

BSA 10k runnersThis year, we had a number of fantastic runners sign up for the British 10k London Run in support of the BSA.

A big thank you goes out to our runners who trained and fundraised hard to reach the finish line and their fundraising goals all in support of our work to help children and adults who stammer. Our thanks go to: Mike Priest, Lesley Kodom-Baah, Julie Jobson, Julia Ammon and Nisar Bostan. Unfortunately, Nisar could not run after an accident the night before the event.

How to Join the BSA Team

If you have been inspired by our runners and would like to sign up for an upcoming walking, running, or swimming event - you can contact and tell us what you'd like to do.

Or, you can visit the Challenging Events page for details of places in upcoming events!