Scout Troop have been on a Fundraising mission!

| 18.06.2015

40th Greenwich Scout Troop have been working towards their Fundraising Activity Badge, and Owl Patrol decided to raise funds for BSA.

Scouts from the Owl PatrolOwl Patrol, one of the groups (patrols) within 40th Greenwich Scout Troop, were inspired by a presentation on stammering by Assistant Scout Leader and stammerer Rory Sheridan, and decided to raise funds for the British Stammering Association.

To achieve the badge all of the patrols had to decide on a cause to fundraise for, think of a short motto that tells potential donors about the cause, set targets for how much to fundraise and a date by which to achieve this. They finally had to report back to the group and write a short report about the fundraising challenge to be submitted to the Troop or a leader, including the costs versus amount raised, and three top tips to help other fundraisers.

The Owl Patrol worked closely with Rory and the BSA, sourcing leaflets about the BSA’s work and spreading awareness of the cause by selling ‘Let’s Talk About Stammering’ BSA wristbands at their main Fundraising event last Christmas.

The patrol put on ‘Beat the Keeper’ competition donating to the cause to try to beat one of the Scouts in goal. This raised £43.73 for the BSA.

They also raised money from a Sponsored Sleepover event outside in cardboard boxes, a long running fundraising activity previously raising money for homelessness at their Scout Church Hall, raising £113.00 from sponsorship from friends and family.

The fundraising events at the Scout Troop were a great success raising in total £1749.04 for charitable causes.

Well done to all the Scouts involved!