Short film about Stammering wins Oscar

Norbert Lieckfeldt | 29.02.2016

An Irish/UK co-production called Stutterer has won the Oscar for best short film at the 88th Academy Awards in 2016. Many congratulations to the cast, but especially to Benjamin Cleary as Director, writer and editor.

Filmed in Hackney, it's the story of a young man with a severe stammer. It contrasts his rich, inner voice with the struggle to complete even the most basic communication tasks such as calling his broadband provider. When given time, his voice is heard, slowly, haltingly, but making statements about profound insights, showing us a glimpse of himself, such as

Music is pleasure the human soul experiences from counting without being aware it's counting 

A potential love interest is seemingly the core of the short story, lasting only a 13 brief minutes - but to me it is the human struggle to convey what we feel, what we believe, what we think - in essence, who we are - that lies at the heart of this beautiful film.

Stammering can have a severe impact on the person who stammers - it can lead to social anxiety and social isolation, leading to depression and other mental health problems. BSA is here to offer support and advice. 

Norbert Lieckfeldt
29 February 2016


You can buy the film for £1.49 at the time of writing on Google Play (for Android devices) or on iTunes - search for 'stutterer'.