Soldier Jimmy & team battled a 1.5km combat swim!

| 31.07.2014

Soldier, Jimmy Lang, decided to set himself a personal challenge and get together a team to fundraise for BSA. Here is what he had to say about the experience!

"With the help and support of my 4 colleagues, Rachel Reed, Gary Martin, Dale Bairstow & Scott Robinson, we  completed a combat swim of 1500 meters at Vobster Quay, located between Frome and Radstock in Somerset.

To make this a worthy challenge, we swam 1500 meters fully clothed in our Military Combat Uniform, which added to the difficulty and arduous nature of the swim."

So, why a combat swim in fully gear? Jimmy explained:

"Normal speech is like normal swimming.  Stammering is like having to swim fully clothed everyday of your life, doable but it takes an awful lot of additional effort.”