'Some wildlife secrets', by Hunter Adair

Hunter Adair | 01.09.2014

Hunter Adair's book 'Some wildlife secrets' mixes insights into the animals and birds of the British countryside with his own experiences of them as a lifelong countryman. Hunter invites readers to make a donation to BSA (see below). Download the book (pdf file).

SwallowsHunter has very kindly made this book available to go on the BSA website, with a view to it helping raise money for BSA.

Hunter is the author of several popular country books for children and adults. The photographs, drawings, and paintings are mainly done by him.

Over the years Hunter has written articles about farming, wildlife, game shooting, gundogs and the countryside, under the pen name “The Dalesman”. He also did regular interviews for BBC radio Newcastle about wildlife and farming He is now retired, but is still involved with the family farm at Hexham and still writes country books. He says you learn something new every day in the countryside.

If you'd like to contact Hunter, his email is . You can also read his book on living with a stammer: My Silent Pause.


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Book contents:

Chapter 1 Sparrow, Swallows & Owls
Chapter 2 Foxes & Badgers
Chapter 3 Hares & Rabbits
Chapter 4 Partridge, Pheasants & Grouse
Chapter 5 Kestrels, Sparrowhawks & Woodpeckers
Chapter 6 Woodcock, Corncrakes, Starlings & Rooks
Chapter 7 Otters & Roe Deer.
Chapter 8 Stoats, Weasels & Rats
Chapter 9 Woodpigeons, Ducks & Snipe
Chapter 10 Hedgehogs, Adders & Oystercatchers

Published September 2014