Stamma campaign

| 25.01.2019

Voting has now closed for the Stamma brand campaign and we'll be announcing the results on Monday 28th January. Read on for more information about the proposal.

We've been looking at developing a new campaign brand identity and introduced the name 'Stamma' at last year's Conference and AGM. We promised members a vote on this and are keen to get your feedback.

Why are we doing this?

Our current membership tops 3,000 members, which is less than 1% of the 650,000 people who stammer in the UK. That our reach is so small isn’t surprising - our research shows that just 2% of the population know who we are.

Financially, we aren’t sustainable at this level of membership. As a charity, our duty is to reach all those who stammer. We have to extend further.

Take a look at the visuals we have mocked up for the new campaign. Stamma is designed to be a bold call to action to those who stammer and memorably announce our existence. The name and the colours are deliberately disruptive and demand attention. The text pushes readers to read, re-read, be patient and think about stammering.

We’ll use this artwork to transmit messages from the stammering community: Don’t hang up. Don’t finish my sentences. Accept my speech.

During the campaign we’ll invite supporters to photograph and share pictures of the adverts and posters. We'll also ask for personal messages from people who stammer, which we can use in new adverts online and in print. We want to use this campaign as a channel for you to communicate with the public.

All being well, the campaign will launch in March.

We’ll keep the BSA name, which will sit at the foot of the adverts and posters, but we will be trading as Stamma and creating a new website. We hope you like the artwork. Take a look at the campaign at

As we said at the AGM, success will be easy to measure – an increased rate of growth. If that doesn’t happen we’ll get back to the drawing board.

We asked our supporters to vote on this and set a deadline of Monday 21st January. The results will be announced on Monday 28th January. Watch this space!