Stammering Awareness Day 2017

| 24.10.2017

Here are just some of the things people did for 22nd October 2017, International Stammering Awareness Day (ISAD).

Stammering can feel quite like… online buffering

Worth the wait. Musharaf Ashgar stammers but it doesn't matter much. Why? Because what he says is more important than how he says it. Worth the wait. George VI stammered but it doesn't matter much. Why? Because what he says is more important than how he says it. BSA invited people to share these 'buffering' gifs on social media. You can still do so. Find the gifs here.

HEAR in Hull

Part of Hull UK City of Culture 2017, this arts project includes messages from people who stammer, portraits of famous people who stammer created by art students, an animation #mystammeringtap created by Fuzzfeed’s Peter Snelling, and posters around the city.

You can watch the animation and find a timetable of events on  HEAR in Hull, Oct-Dec 2017.

Huffington Post blog by Iain Wilkie

Iain Wilkie, Co-Chair of our Employers Stammering Network (ESN), had a blog published by the Huffington Post: An Obsession With Fluency In The Workplace Creates Barriers For Those Of Us Who Stammer.

Stammering Awareness event on Facebook Live

Facebook Live Stream of UCL Giving Voice event - on the the BSA Facebook page. The event was on Wednesday 1st November. More: Watch on Facebook Live: UCL Stammering Awareness event.

'Coro' choir in Belfast

'Coro' choir, BelfastThis choir of around 50 service users, families, friends, speech and language therapists and music therapists sang in Victoria Square, Belfast on Sunday 22nd October. There was also a stall with stammering information.

The choir was organised by speech and language therapists throughout Northern Ireland alongside the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapy Clinical Excellence Network.

The BBC NI Newsline TV programme featured the choir at one of its rehearsals on Monday morning breakfast and evening news. A local radio station BBC Radio Ulster also featured the event.

More, including a video of the BBC Newsline slot: National Stammering Awareness Day 2017 on Belfast HSC Trust website.

Stammering awareness stall at City University

Stammering awareness stall at City, University of LondonA number of Speech Therapy students and stammering experts, from City University and The Michael Palin Centre, came together at the University in October to promote ISAD. It included stammering information, awareness wristbands, ISAD ribbons and balloons. More: Stammering awareness stall at City University.

Christine's story: video'Christine's story' video

The Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists posted this video on YouTube.

Christine from Northern Ireland discusses what it's like to have a stammer, and how speech and language therapy has helped her. Watch the video.

Doncaster Stammering Association

Doncaster Stammering Association produced a short film. Watch it on YouTube.

Stall in Morrison's supermarket

Wendy Ronaldson at stammering awareness stall in MorrisonsWendy Ronaldson set up a stammering awareness stall in Morrison's in Laceby. She writes: "The event went really well and had lots of interest. The thing I noticed most was the comments about how stammering is still a taboo subject and should be more talked about. People were really pleased to see information out there in the open for everyone to access. My speech therapist supported the event and joined me later in the day.

"There is big demand for charities to raise awareness so you have to book early on to get the correct day, normally eight to nine months in advance."

Twitter feed takeover

UCL PhD student Naheem Bashir and UAL student Rory Sheridan who run the London self-help group took over the UCL Giving Voice Twitter page for the day to raise awareness of stammering.

That Twitter link includes a video shared by Rory encouraging everyone to wear something green on for International Stammering Awareness Day.

Link to YouTube documentaryDocumentary: Living with a stammer

'Adam Wright: Living with a stammer' is an ISAD 2017 documentary shot by Daniel Rolinson. You can watch it on YouTube.