Stammering awareness stall at City University

Colin Day | 24.10.2017

Colin Day at City, University of London, reports on a stall they ran for International Stammering Awareness Day (ISAD) 2017.

Stammering awareness stall at City, University of LondonA number of Speech Therapy students and stammering experts, from City University and The Michael Palin Centre (MPC), came together at the University in October to promote ISAD. We set up a stall in the main thoroughfare of City’s University Building, within the Northampton Square campus. Its main purposes were to:

Our stall consisted of information leaflets on courses at The MPC and City Lit, and a small number of items that people could buy (ISAD wristbands from BSA, Stammering information DVDs). We also had 40 sea-green ISAD ribbons which people could pin to their lapel, kindly produced by BSA member Christine Simpson. These ribbons were given to people who showed an interest in the stall. Behind us we had a number of striking posters on noticeboards, as well as some balloons to brighten up the whole effect.

Interest was at first quite slow, until we actively approached passers-by and engaged them in conversation. At lunchtime things really improved and at one point we had about 6 people around the stall, all asking questions about stammering. The Speech Therapy students in particular added a real enthusiasm to proceedings and the experts from The MPC advised many people who dropped by.

I would say that the day went incredibly well and was very rewarding for all those involved.