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'Stammering is no joke'

| 15.09.2007

BSA Vice Chair Leys Geddes put a video on YouTube, objecting to videos of stammering being classified as 'comedy' on their website. This page includes Leys' video and some of the media coverage which it generated about public attitudes to stammering.

Leys' YouTube video

In this video, which has been viewed over 100,000 times, Leys gives a personal perspective on how it is to stammer. He says: "If you meet someone who stammers, try and understand what it is like for them. And if you think stammering is a joke, just spend a few moments imagining how you would feel if you knew exactly what you wanted to say, but you couldn't actually say it."

Radio 4 interview on 'PM' - listen online

This is an interview with Leys on Radio 4's PM programme, broadcast on 25th September 2007.

Jumoké Fashola interview - listen online

Another interview with Leys the following week, 3rd October, with Jumoké Fashola on BBC Radio London.

BBC News article

Following the interview on 'PM', an article went up on the BBC website about public attitudes to people who stammer: The article has many comments at the bottom by people who stammer.

Guardian article

The first UK press coverage of the YouTube video was an article in the Guardian on 25th September: Anger at YouTube stammer clips (external link).

ISAD Online Conference

Leys has written about the campaign in the International Stuttering Awareness Day Online Conference 2007: This includes threaded discussion about the article.