Stammering Voice Orchestra performance

| 22.02.2019

Here’s something to lift your spirits. Watch the Stammering Voice Orchestra perform at the A Capella Festival.

Inspired after speaking at the BSA conference last August, Danny Ladwa, founder of the School of Beatbox, started the singing group and invited people from the stammering community to take part.

After a great response, the orchestra was born and last month they performed at the A Capella Festival in London. They were a smash hit and you can watch them in the video below.

Danny said, ‘I came out of the conference feeling inspired and with more drive to support this community. I wanted to raise awareness about stammering through the power of nothing else but the voice itself. We went down a storm - we had a great crowd and it was very well received'.

Join in yourself    

The orchestra is looking for new recruits, so if you fancy giving it a go yourself, or know someone who might be interested, email Danny at or find out more at