Starfish course in Middle East

Anne Blight | 29.09.2016

Starfish Project volunteers recently held a course in Dubai, reports Anne Blight, founder of the Project.

After 18 years of running monthly courses in Sussex, we have just run a course for people who stammer in the Middle East.

Eleven volunteers travelled to Dubai to run a three day course to teach fourteen people from all around the Middle East the Starfish technique to control the stammer that had been controlling them.

We have always concentrated our efforts helping people who stammer here in the UK and over the years we have helped over two thousand people. We were approached by a number of people from the Middle East, asking us to go and help the people of the area.

Like most people we had the popular misconception of a land full of oil millionaires riding around in luxury cars and living in penthouses in high rise luxury blocks. However, the truth is far from that. Whilst this area has numbers of people who 'have' (a lot) there are vastly more who 'have not'. The aim of the Starfish Project has always been to make decent, affordable therapy, to control stammering with free lifetime support, available to as many people as possible.

The intention is that people who have been on the course and learned how to control stammering will be the ones to teach the technique to more new people on future courses. The first courses will be in English with future courses being held in various countries in the area in Arabic. There are estimated to be over half a million people who stammer in the Middle East and until now there has been very little therapy available for them.

With the level of commitment to learn the technique that was shown by all the new people who came on the course, I’m confident that the Project will be able to help many people in the Middle East for years to come.

With all this going on the Project continues to run its monthly courses for stammerers at The Boship Hotel in Hailsham, East Sussex. With the NHS cut backs, sadly there is little or no NHS therapy available for many adults who stammer in the UK, so we are pleased to be able to offer hope for people who stammer. , tel 01825 767268

For further options go to the Adult therapy section of the this website, or contact the BSA helpline who can also give details of any local NHS service.