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Steggie’s Stammer

Cherry Hughes | 01.03.2013

Book review by BSA Education Officer Cherry Hughes. Book written and illustrated by Jack Hughes.

Steggie's Stammer: book coverThis book is one in a series about individual young dinosaurs who each have a difficulty that affects them. Steggie (a stegosaurus) stammers, while another dinosaur for instance wears spectacles. The book is charmingly illustrated, with clear text and appropriate vocabulary for reading independently by young readers, or read as a story to the pre-school child.

The simple plot shows how Steggie’s friends do not give her enough time to finish her warning not to venture into the dangerous Dark Forest. Steggie reluctantly follows them into the forest and calmly rescues each one of them from a perilous situation. At the end, all of Steggie’s friends realise that they should try harder to listen to Steggie in future. This central message, that what you have to say is much more important than the way you say it, emerges through this appealing story. I would recommend this book for under-fives as having a positive message about stammering.

Steggie’s Stammer is published by Wayland and is available to buy now, or can be borrowed from the BSA members library.

From Speaking Out Spring 2013, p20