Support Libby's London Marathon

| 10.04.2019

Libby Orrett will be the first out of the blocks running in one of our new Stamma vests at the London Marathon later this month. Read more about why she's doing it and please support her via Justgiving.

'On 28th April, I will be running the London Marathon and hopefully raising some funds and awareness for the British Stammering Association in the process.

My mum has been a Speech and Language Therapist for over 30 years and my boyfriend has had a stammer since childhood, so I’ve seen first-hand how important support within the stammering community is.

I’ve learnt through both of them that having a stammer can make the world feel like a lonely place, and without the support of organisations such as the BSA, people who stammer may spend a lot of their energy internalising their struggles, feeling they have nowhere to turn.

So I hope that putting all of my energy into the 26.2-mile race will help draw some attention to the work the BSA does, and raise some money to contribute towards some of the amazing services it provides.'

Please help Libby reach her fundraising goal by donating through her Justgiving page. Go to