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Teachers' Guide to Stuttering

Alex, Devon, and Marcus | 15.09.2001

By Alex, Devon, and Marcus

Over the summer holidays 2001, a group of children who stammer met for some fluency workshops. They have compiled the following advice to share with their teachers.

DO - tell others not to tease us/mimic us.

DO - treat us like everyone else in the school.

DO - ask us what helps us to speak more fluently (it can vary).

DO - ask how much we want to contribute to class assembly and concerts.

DO - be positive and make eye contact.

DO - give us time to express ourselves.

DO NOT - rush us- give us time to finish.

DO NOT - finish off words/ sentences for us.

DO NOT - answer for us.

DO NOT - interrupt when we are trying.

DO NOT - tease/ mimic us.

PLEASE DO - share this information with others.