'Unspoken': videos, links and images

| 06.07.2017

'Unspoken' premiered at The Carriageworks theatre in Leeds on 5th July 2017. This page contains videos and other material about the play. You can also read a review.

Video extract from the play

Video clip from BBC Look North

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Changing attitudes to stammering

Paper by Dr Trudy Stewart, Dr Jonathon Linklater and Paul Railton on the effect the play and associated involvement with the stammering community had on perceptions and attitudes of the cast towards stammering: Beyond Understanding: The use of theatre to change public attitudes to stammering.

This paper is part of the International Stammering Awareness Day Online Conference 2017.

About 'Unspoken'

'Unspoken is a play about stammering by Neil Rathmell and Trudy Stewart. It ran Upstairs @ the Carriageworks Theatre in Leeds, 5th to 8th July 2017.

"Alex has a secret. A secret that makes him frustrated and ashamed. A secret he has tried to hide all his life. Until tonight.

Tonight he has to decide whether to tell his secret or choose once again to let it remain unspoken.

Unspoken is the story of a person who stammers and the many who struggle to be themselves. This new play will throw light on a much misunderstood problem. The King’s Speech was the must see film about stammering – this is the must see play!"

Some pictures of rehearsals in May 2017 when the stammering community came and talked to Leeds Arts Centre about stammering (photos by BSA member Richard Lloyd):

Rehearsal for Unspoken, with stammering community