Watch on Facebook Live: UCL stammering awareness event

| 01.11.2017

Watch below the Live Stream of the UCL Giving Voice event on 1st November, from the BSA Facebook page.

The event offers a chance to listen to the stories and experiences of people who stammer, followed by a question and answer session. 'Mushy' from Educating Yorkshire was a special guest.

The full video is over 2 hours, there is a timetable below. It's best to listen with headphones (and there are some sound issues with the video stream early on). An edited more professional film of the event will be produced later.

Timetable, minutes/hours from start of video:

10:18 - Naheem Bashir - Start/Introduction/The Experience of Stammering
26:03 - Vicky Dineshchandra - Covert Stammering Through University
36:13 - Christine Simpson - Women Who Stammer
56:50 - Farookh Muqri - The Sine Wave of Stammering
1:06:43 - Lynne Mackie - Accidentally In Charge
1:20:19 - Ronan Miller - Living Abroad With a Stammer
1:32:21 - Namrah Chaudhry - Seeking a Cure to Seeking Acceptance
1:41:30 - Ishaq Sardar - How to Help Someone With a Stammer
1:52:58 - Musharaf Asghar - The Journey
2:07:45 - Q&A

This event was organised by by Naheem Bashir and Rory Sheridan (who run the London self-help group) and the UCL Giving Voice Society.

The video stream is from the BSA's Facebook page - see the post on the evening of 1st November.