William's Award and Fundraising Dinner for BSA

| 01.07.2014

BSA Charity Dinner

My name is William (age 8) my brother Oliver (age 5) and I raised £75.00 on the 28 May for the BSA by hosting a charity dinner. Oliver did most of the cooking because he wants to be a chef. I did a quiz and game about stammering. It was a fun day!

Best Teaching Assistant in Doncaster

I also entered my Teaching Assistant Mrs Butcher, for the Best Teaching Assistant Award in Doncaster and she won!

Mrs Butcher has helped me so much this year - she has followed all the advice information from the BSA website for teachers and made posters for the class room, so all my friends know how to help me with my Stammering. Everyone is so supportive and it has made such a difference to my school life.