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BSA Supporters Run the London Marathon 2014!!

| 14.04.2014

Well done to Ed Byard and Lee Thurston who both had individual places in the London Marathon this year and chose to fundraise for the BSA!!

The BSA cheer team (our CEO Norbert, and our Fundraiser Julia) were cheering and waving our banner near Mile 18-19 of the race route, just outside Canary Wharf. They saw both of the runners fly by among the other dedicated runners all working hard and some even in fancy dress - our favourites were the rhinos!




Lee's Marathon

"What an amazing experience the London Marathon was, despite it being pretty much the hardest thing I have ever done! The crowds and support were just phenomenal. I got round in 5:38 after my race fell apart at half way and had to run/walk from there on. As a pasty northerner with a waistline bigger than strictly necessary, the heat just completely sapped me and I found it incredibly tough going.

Although I unfortunately missed the support from Julia and Norbert at Canary Wharf, managing to see my baby son at mile 24 was a huge boost.

Running for the BSA has been an overwhelmingly positive experience for me and I am humbled by everyone's support which has meant I have raised over £1300 so far. Amazing.

My fundraising page is still live if anyone wishes to make a donation!

Huge thanks to everyone at the BSA for their support. It's been emotional!

Ed's Marathon

Despite not achieving my target time, I got over the line in a respectable 3hrs 48. It was tough going from mile 16 onwards, but the amazing crowd support kept me going.

My fundraising page is still live if anyone wishes to donate:




I'm very happy to have raised nearly £1400 for the BSA and encourage others to run this amazing race!

How to Run for BSA

If you'd like to do your bit and support the BSA by participating in a challenging event, get in touch with us: Challenging event places.