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BSA's BBC Lifeline Appeal

| 20.06.2012

British Stammering Association was featured on Lifeline, the BBC's monthly charity appeal programme, in June 2012.

Presented by Gareth Gates, the appeal focuses on showing how the BSA helps to improve the lives of children and adults who stammer through providing information and self-help based support. It was broadcast on BBC1 on Sunday 17th June, and repeated the following Wednesday.

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Thanks to...

We would like to thank everyone at the Stammering Support Centre in Leeds, especially Dr Trudy Stewart, the Speech and Language Therapy team, and the teen and adults group for taking part in the filming for the appeal.

We would also like to thank Gareth Gates for presenting the appeal, and Heidi King, Maria and Zach Kinsella, and David Lilburn for sharing their personal experiences to camera, as case studies for the appeal.

June 2012