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New-look BSA website launched

Allan Tyrer | 02.04.2014

31st March was a big day. It was the day we launched the revamped BSA website at (having decided 1st April would not be a good date).

These things don’t happen instantly, but in less than an hour from formal switchover at 11am we could see the new website in London, and it didn’t take long to hear of sightings around Britain.

It's been quite a long gestation, and we hope you like the result. Our previous site was still winning praise, but as we last re-designed it in 2000, it was old-fashioned and groaning under the demands being made on it.


A more visible change is that the design is much more picture-based than before (this is a work-in-progress and for some pages we've yet to add the pictures we want to). Also, the site uses tags to help you find articles and other content about a particular topic.

Our overriding ambition was to make this a site where there can be dialogue and communication. For example, a major new feature is that you are able to put comments below most pages. Please do add your comments – they can help bring web pages to life. You can also share articles easily on social media. Again please do, help spread the word. Share favourite pages on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

We have a fair amount of content up on the new site, but there's more to do and we'll be adding content and adjusting things over the coming months.

We'd like to thank our web agency Effusion for all their work in getting this website off the ground. We'd also like to thank our funders, without whom this project would not have been possible: The Clothworkers Foundation, the Leathersellers' Company Charitable Fund and the Bernard Sunley Charitable Foundation.

PS: Reports we put out on 1st April that the new website would have to be taken down as it was draining the power resources of Bethnal Green, dimming lights in the area, were fortunately untrue.