Phonics guide for children who stammer

| 03.06.2014

'Communicating Phonics' is a guide for teachers running the phonics test for Year 1 children this June.

This month sees the national phonics screening test for Year 1 children in England. Communicating Phonics is a guide to support teachers delivering and interpreting this test to children with speech, language and communication needs (SLCN). The guide was produced by the Communication Trust in 2012.

The guide is available on the Communication Trust website, and includes a specific section on children who stammer (pdf) written by BSA Education Officer Cherry Hughes.

Communicating Phonics will help teachers to deliver the test this June, but also has lots of useful tips and advice to support the overall literacy development of children with SLCN.

There is also a Speaking Out article by our Education Officer Cherry Hughes: The Phonics Check for Year 1 pupils.