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Raising awareness at a local book launch

Nicolaas Burgers | 01.12.2013

On 23rd October, 40 people gathered at Waterstones Teddington for a launch of Stammering Therapy from the Inside: New Perspectives on Working with Young People and Adults, edited by Carolyn Cheasman, Rachel Everard and Sam Simpson (reviewed in the last issue). Of the main schools of thought in stammering therapy, ‘fluency shaping’ predominates in some places. This book details an alternative approach, based on acceptance of stammering and developing a greater ease of speech.

Sam enlisted two of the book’s contributors to speak. One of them, Cara, started therapy a year ago and initially rejected the idea of acceptance: “It was too passive, like giving up.” But in a moment of revelation she saw parallels between learning to play the violin and accepting her stammer. You can hold the bow as tight as you like but “putting in less physical effort produces a better sound. You need to work with your instrument, not fight it.”

The night finished with wine, nibbles and mingling. A great event from a school of thought whose voice is getting stronger. 

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From Speaking Out-Winter 2013 p.5