Stammering Networks on BBC R5 Live
DSN and Employers Stammering Network on Radio 5 Live.
Iain Wilkie, Walter Scott, and Jimmy Lang with Peter Allen
'We are stronger than you think',...
Betty, age 13, reading her poem 'We are stronger than you think'.
Poem by Betty, age 13
'My war with words' on Forces TV
Forces TV programme in which Amy Matthews talks to servicemen who stammer.
'My war with words'
What is it like to stammer?
Four under 16-year-olds explain what it feels like to have a stammer and how...
Video: What is it like to stammer?
Stammering awareness video
People who stammer speak for themselves
Videos of people talking about their stammer, and article in which Beverley...
New in the BSA members' library...
The BSA members library is open to BSA members in the UK, and to UK qualified...
John Ford, BSA librarian, News
Army focus on support for stammering
A soldier has spoken out on British Forces Broadcasting Services about his experience...
Corporal Emmanuel Ottih (image courtesy of BFBS)
Start saving for Oxford 2017
What's happening in stammering research? A report from the Oxford Dysfluency...
St Catherine's College Oxford, with sculpture
Scenari-Aid: online videos to practice speech situations has video simulations to help you practice different speech...