After the Conference

nlieckfeldt | 24.08.2014

So, here I am. Just in Darlington on the train home. 2 full days of Conference. 100+ residential visitors. 60+ day visitors on Saturday. As always, I'm knackered but happy. Not quite as knackered as the folk opting for the late night "Ordering Drinks and exploring Glasgow" workshop, but still.... Impressions? As always too little time to talk to anyone properly. Hugely grateful to David and John. They pulled off an amazing event. Professional. High quality. But also warm and friendly. Creating a safe place to dare and be vulnerable, to be authentic, to test out new things and to experience that the fear before the Conference was something worth facing down. This in my experience doesn't happen by accident - but hard work and excellent planning help! The Open Mike session - brilliant as ever. Actually, better than ever, because for 90 mins people queued up to have a go in front of everyone. Tales of courage, tales of "never done this before", Jimmy encouraging them with his parachuting analogy (must have helped though I'm terrified of heights :-)). Simon arriving determined to go to the front for the first time in nine Conferences and so he did. Clare from Doncaster telling the Director of the EHRC Scotland *exactly* what discrimination for stammering looks like - breathtakingly shocking. Iain's keynote on the Employers Stammering Network. The fantastic evenings at City Hall and the Science Centre. Sitting next to David at the Gala Dinner who, if there had been a competition for Happiest Man in Britain that night would easily have made the top three. Being able at last to publicly acknowledge Jan Anderson's immense contribution to stammering self help in Scotland. Seeing our founder Sparrow who just received an MBE for his achievements. Great reports on BSA's impact at the AGM by all my colleagues. Great testimonial on video on the success of our Facebook page. Great to see the Scottish Stammering Network in full swing. Here's to their Glasgow Open Day on October 4th! Thank you to everyone who came. You're inspirational. Thanks to everyone who made this day possible, the team, the volunteers, and especially John and David. A special thanks also to my colleagues and BSA's Trustees, old and new. It is good to be reminded about why there simply has to be a BSA, and what it takes to keep it going. Further blogs perhaps later. Just wanted to get this off my chest.