A busy day

nlieckfeldt | 11.12.2014

Yesterday was busy but brilliant. 

We started the day with a visit from our Trustee Tim who got up really early to make it to the office from rural Lincolnshire. We got a presentation from a software supplier and trainer as we need to upgrade our accounts package to SAGE. At the moment we're using an MS Accounts database which I set up 15 (!) years ago, together with lots of pencil lead and brainpower of our volunteer accountant John Perkins. John has been doing our books for 15 years now but he is making ominous noises about retiring so modernity is thrust upon us. Also, with cashflow being 'interesting', it helps to know more about where the money is coming from, is going to, and how much there is at any given moment! Lots to learn, and a busy January, no doubt. If you're an accountant with some spare time, we may wish to hear from you! 

Steve Gutteridge receiving the Lloyd's Market Charity AwardRushing off for a lunchtime meeting at the amazing Lloyd's Building in the City. In 25 years of living in London I've never once been inside. We have been nominated for a charity grant from the Lloyd's Market Charity Awards by Steve Gutteridge who works in the market - £2,000. Thank you, Steve! And not just  for the £££, but for an excellent meeting on the 11th floor, with amazing views over the City,  in an iconic building, featuring a wide variety of charities, all doing quite amazing work. What more could one wish for? And if you've ever wondered, yes, they DID reconstruct an 18th century stately room on the 11th floor! The nibbles were also quite excellent. Though the ride in the outside lift was a tad scary....

A quick cab ride (a rare luxury in itself) to Canary Wharf where Iain Wilkie and I were meeting with KPMG to see if they could be interested in signing up for the Employers Stammering Network. Richard Murray has been quietly beavering away to raise the issue of stammering at KPMG and as a result we got a whole hour with him and Tony Cates, KPMG UK's Head of Audit. You can't get more senior than that, and we spent the hour talking about stammering. There's very little that's more convincing than authenticity and openness about your stammer, and Richard's description of his own journey, and his leadership, really made a big difference. I'm hopeful we have a new Founder member.

Good opportunity for a quick catchup with Iain after the meeting and then off to Aldgate for a meeting of the working party on Quality Improvement (QI) of the East London NHS Foundation Trust. Like all NHS Trusts, ELFT has to find 4% 'efficiency savings' each year and after 4 years, that's 17% less than the Trust would normally have. There's no more fat to trim and the choice is between cutting services or saving money by improving the way we do things. The QI programme is in full swing with an ambitious target of being the best provider in England by 2020. But if we're going to be the best healthcare provider by 2020, surely the Council of Governor also needs to improve to be the best CoG in England by 2020? Well, that's what I asked myself - which is why I am now lumbered with being member of this working party! Getting home around 8pm, tired but happy. Followed my sister's advice of feet up, glass of wine, and some music....