Paul Blythe | 31.12.2014

The recent departure of BSA’s fundraiser got me thinking about fundraising.  I have heard it said that charity fundraising, in our current economic climate, is like running up a steep hill with a sack of coal on your shoulders.

However, raising money for stammering adds an extra sack.  Why is this I wonder?

Awareness and understanding of stammering are improving but are still at a relatively low level.  The myths about stammering seem to be deep rooted and widespread.  This being the case it is not surprising that empathy for stammerers may be lacking and donations hard to generate.  BSA works tirelessly to improve awareness and understanding of stammering and dispel the myths but it can only do so much with its limited resources.

My New Year’s wish is for BSA and the stammering community to work together to educate people about stammering and help remove the extra sack of coal from the shoulders of BSA’s new fundraiser.  Together we can move mountains.

Paul Blythe
BSA Trustee